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The SISM Blog

The SISM Clinic Sports Injury Internship Program

By SISM Clinic | In SISM Blog | on February 7, 2015

The Sports Injury and Sports Medicine clinic is based in Castlebar, Co.Mayo. We have been in operation since 2006 and have a multidisciplinary approach to sports injury treatment.

We work with a variety of sports teams and individuals from recreational, competitive and elite level.

Our clinic provides a variety of services, including

  • Acute and chronic sports injury assessment.
  • Acute and chronic sports injury treatment.
  • Rehabilitation and isokinetics.
  • Footmotion and orthotic prescription.
  • The Running team and its modules on retraining and exercise performance.
  • Applied sports medicine research projects

How to apply for the intern program

We are looking for enthusiastic, eager-to-learn students willing to take initiative and become immersed in all aspects of the program. The program is open to undergraduates and graduate students in exercise physiology, biomechanics, physiotherapy, sports therapy and athletic therapy.


  • MinimumĀ four month commitment
  • Submit CV and cover letter


  • Sports Injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Work with our running retraining coaches.
  • Work and provide field-side support to our various sports teams.
  • General duties.

Please mail or e-mail a cover letter and CV to :


N5 Business Park,



Co. Mayo.

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