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The SISM Clinic – Sports Injury and Sports Medicine Specialists

The Sports Injury Sports Medicine Clinic

Martin and the team at The SISM Clinic helped me through a very difficult time in career. Their talent, skill and determination to get me right left me feel safe and secure in their hands. – Andy Moran

andy moran isokinetics


SISM is a state of the art sports injury and sports medicine clinic, specialising in all aspects of the treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and performance issues relating to sport. It aims to provide these services to the part-time sports enthusiast, recreational athletes, the more serious competitive sports person and also to the full-time athlete. The Sports Injury and Sports Medicine (SISM) Clinic, is now open at Moneen Business Park, Castlebar, and is the first of its kind in Ireland.

The objective of the clinic is to return you to a level that will exceed your expectations and it’s also designed to offer cutting edge sports injury and sports medicine services to the sports person and athlete. The science and technology behind the SISM Clinic makes it unique in the world of sports medicine and sports injury, rehabilitation and performance enhancement

I attended SISM clinic complaining with pain in my groin that had been bothering me for a few weeks. After a few simple tests Martin diagnosed this as Oestitis Pubis. Overall the treatment lasted 4-5 weeks and thankfully the problem has not returned since. -Aidan Kilcoyne




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