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The SISM Blog

Mairead Cafferkey – Runners Knee

By SISM Clinic | In SISM Blog | on May 1, 2015

In 2013 after years of solitary running with very little running knowledge, like many others looking to keep fit & enjoy the outdoors, I joined Castlebar FitforLife and also joined Castlebar AC as I became hooked on running. Mairead - Kilmovee

On April 7th 2014 I went for a recovery run with some friends from Castlebar FitForLife around Lough Lannagh. I fell on my knee and couldn’t walk properly for three weeks. I then ran the West of Ireland mini marathon and Ballina half marathon with a lot of knee pain and I had even pain walking. At this stage I got in contact with Martin Mc Intyre at the SISM clinic for treatment. 

Martin saw me very quickly & after examination told me that I was more than likely suffering from a patella femoral issue and a secondary condition of patella tendonitis.  With treatment and some work with The Running Team and Mark at SISM, I managed to get back to treadmill running pain free as they designed a specific programme specifically suited to my injury. I now began to up my training load on the track and began experiencing some pain with this increase in workload. My knee was imaged and after an injection to help settle my patella I began to train fully.

Dualathon ImageI have been training hard for the past few months, continuing the rehab that I received from Martin & Mark & we are in regular contact.  I am back at the track training with my club. Before each session, I am engaging in my band work to engage my glutes to power my running. My band work is making me stronger. The correct running technique is making me faster in my training sessions. I am training faster. I am racing faster. 

On March 14th, I entered my first race in nearly a year, The Castlebar Adventure Duathlon, and won the short course relay and I have now set a new  PB  and the correct technique without a shadow of a doubt has made me more efficient & a lot faster than I was before. I also run in the confidence that I am less likely to injure myself because I know now how to land correctly & I am no longer over-striding putting pressure on my knees.  I could not have achieved any of this success without the expert guidance & treatment from Martin & Mark at the SISM Clinic. I would recommend the clinic to anybody who has an injury, or anybody who simply wants to improve their running technique. You are guaranteed success.

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One Comment to "Mairead Cafferkey – Runners Knee"

  • Mary mc says:

    May 2, 2015 at 11:58 pm - Reply

    Well done Mairead. Great piece and really interesting. You have come back better and faster than before. Keep it up xx

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